# - Asia - Unique

2 Choco Eclairs


Taste: 4

Texture: 3

Novelty: 2

All scores out of 5

This candy is the perfect example of a treat that makes me doubt that I know the definitions of "eclair". I used to believe that an eclair was a french pastry filled with cream and often with chocolate icing, although other flavours of icing would be acceptable. However these, and a few other candies that I've come across, make me doubt this definition. If we are to take these candies into account, an eclair is a sweet (anything really) that has some kind of soft filling. Chocolate is often involved, but much like the french pastry eclair, it is not necessary.

So right off the bat, this candy did leave me a little confused. It wasn't so much that I didn't enjoy it, I just had to sit and think about eclairs for a while before I could write this review. As a candy it's OK. The caramel is soft, and I like the mix of chocolate flavoured caramel (although that's a little confusing too if you think about it) and regular caramel. The little blob of soft chocolate in the center was nice, however I could have used a little bit more. When I think of eclairs, I think of the center oozing out. The texture of both the caramel outside and the soft center were great, and there was enough of a difference that I could tell when I bit into the soft center, even though the caramel was fairly soft too.

I liked this candy, it wasn't that clever, and it has a confusing name, but it's not bad. I'm not sure how you could make this candy more clever without messing with the nice design. The only fix I can think of is a softer chocolate center.