I normally like to try and find something positive with every single treat I taste. Even if the flavour is horrible, I like to examine the creative qualities. Or if a bar has a bad ratio problem, I like to look at the quality of the ingredients. I like to think I'm a fair guy, but today I'm having a really hard time.

This bar was pretty bad. It's not the kind of bad that make me want to spit it out or gag. I comfortably managed to eat the whole bar without any problems. The thing is, there's nothing really good about this bar at all. It contains three elements, wafers, caramel and chocolate. All three of these elements where of low quality and horribly proportioned.

The chocolate coating on this bar is thin, which is probably a good thing because the chocolate quality was really low. The wafers were huge and had a strange flavour about them that I can't describe. The caramel, the worst of the three elements, didn't taste like caramel at all, more like a tasteless sticky nothing. Worst of all the small amount of “caramel” soaked into the wafers creating a really strange texture that didn't crunch as much as it squished.

This bar was a boring disappointment, and that's much worse than being shockingly gross.