Bunny Fields "Solid Milk Chocolate"

One Better Inc.

From the small amount of historical research I’ve done, the chocolate Easter bunny is one of the first chocolate treats available for Easter. I’m sure some might argue that the chocolate egg came first, and you might be right, but it doesn’t suit my present argument as well. Either way, one can’t argue that the chocolate Easter bunny is one of the true Easter classics. In my memory, the shape of this particular Easter bunny is also a classic shape. While there have been many advancements in the shape of chocolate treats at Easter, I feel like this style of chocolate bunny has been around for as long as I know. I’m not sure how traditional the solid bunny is in comparison to the hollow chocolate bunny, but I can only assume they’re close. This is all to say that the chocolate bunny, in this style, is truly a classic Easter treat.

The fact that this treat has been around for so long must be because of the shape itself. While it certainly celebrates the bunny shape, it also allows for easy eating. There are plenty of pointy or nubby bits to take your first bite. The ears being the most obvious first choice, but the tail and the feet also working fairly well. This particular bunny also has the benefit of being fairly nice quality chocolate, so when you take that bite it breaks off easily enough. While it’s certainly not the best quality chocolate I’ve ever eaten in my life, that could actually be a plus. If it was made of super high quality chocolate, I feel like it might fall apart while you’re trying to take a bite. At the very least I feel like it would melt in your hands as you tried to nibble on the ear.

Taste wise the quality is also fine. Again, it’s not the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted, but for a simple fun holiday treat it’s pretty good. One of my favourite ways to enjoy an Easter bunny is to dip it in peanut butter. The shape of the bunny actually works really well for doing this, so the slight lower quality chocolate doesn’t bother me that much. I guess if I was to sit down in one sitting and try and eat this bunny with no peanut butter, I might find the flavour to be a little bit dull. The size of the bunny, and the fact that I have peanut butter nearby never allows for this to happen, so the slightly lower quality doesn’t really bother me that much.

I feel like Easter wouldn’t be complete without an Easter bunny. While some people might like a sophisticated, high quality bunny now and then, I feel like this classic less expensive bunny has its place in my heart, and now in my tummy.