C - North America - Pieces



Taste: 4.5

Texture: 3.5

Novelty: 3.5

All scores out of 5

July 15 2007

I have to say that before I even bit into one of these chocolate squares I was impressed. The font was fun, the little symbols excellent, the fact that it said "Rock on Candy Critic" was just right for my ego. This is first and foremost a great idea; why not send an edible message in fine chocolate. I know that a lot of companies offer personalized treats, but this one seemed just a little classier than I've seen in the past.

The quality of chocolate isn't bad either. It's smooth Belgian chocolate, that's some fine stuff. You know it's particularly good chocolate when there's an expiry date. I also liked the presentation; the box has these little rows built in to keep your message from turning into one of those crazy puzzles you get in loot bags. It keeps it neat with easy accessibility.

Fine quality chocolate and a really cool message, this treat has it all. What I want to know is if anybody can come up with an anagram for my message, hopefully something a little obscene.