Femamozen (Gematozen - Children's Class)


This bar does one of two things, based on the package. I say it either makes you really happy or really creepy. I'll be honest, I'm in a pretty good mood right now, so maybe a little creepy might be OK. I’m never really sure why some candy companies choose certain images for their packages. In many cases it might be better off to go with a simple package and get rid of the creepy cartoons.

At first glance, I thought I would be biting into a chocolate bar. Then as I picked it up, I thought it was a little heavy to be just chocolate, so I was excited by the prospect of more (I generally like things with more). Then I bit into it. What I found was that it was more like fudge than just chocolate. This, at first was a great discovery. The consistency was OK. The flavour, however, was a little off. By "off" I mean repulsive. It tasted a bit like a chunk of fudge that's been left in someone’s basement for the last 20 years or so, unwrapped and maybe sitting near a leaky pipe or window. I think I would describe it as musty or moldy.

So, this was my impression after the first bite, could it improve on the second? Nope... yuck! I cringed. I would now like to inform you that a third bite will not be in order, or even possible without getting a little sick.