May 2024



This candy was not at all what I was expecting based on the package. One of the problems was that I had the perfect idea in my head of what to expect, but it was very different than what I actually got. Every word on this package is in German and while a few words were slightly decipherable, in general I had no clues about these yellow straws other than what I could see in the package. I did know that they were going to be lemon, but more on that later in the review.

What I was expecting is something I often get with candies that look like these. I was expecting a chewy straw with a similar texture as red or black licorice ropes and I thought it would be filled with some kind of soft or gooey filling. Strangely this is not how I would describe these at all, almost the opposite. The core is much more like a long lemon gummy, and the outer tube is much more fragile like a fondant. It was surprising at first, but I really enjoyed this texture combination. After the first few I started to peel the fondant tube off of the gummy core just for fun, and it was very satisfying.

Flavour wise these are also very nice, but they reminded me of a problem I find in the North American candy world and that’s a lack of lemon gummies. It’s strangely not a very common flavour in gummies and soft candies, and when I do find it, it’s often lemonade instead of just lemon. Lemon is such a great flavour for this kind of treat and Haribo does it so well. These are also a fine example of a great lemon flavour.

I feel like this is something that may never find it’s way into the North American market, and that makes me sad. I’ll enjoy these and I hope if you’re interested you can find them for yourself.