I - Asia - Unique

IIPN3(PRIZ (prize, in cyrillic))


Taste: 2.5

Texture: 2.5

Novelty: 4

All scores out of 5

Uhhhhh. Okay then as you can tell from the name of this snack, I had no idea what the deal was, so I took a bite. You know what, I still don't know what the deal is. It's chocolate, not North American and not European, although a little like something I tried from Southern Italy. Inside is where the mystery is. At first I thought it was like a "Butter Finger" or "Crispy Crunch", but it fell apart a little bit too much. Then I discovered what seemed like little crystals. So it's chocolate filled with some kind of powdery, crunchy, crystally stuff. Was is good? Well, I'm not a big fan of the chocolate. The filling, although different wasn't bad, just a little shocking. I enjoyed eating this one but I might not eat a whole bag of them.