Jagariko "Scallop"


I have to be honest; I'm a little worried about trying these scallop flavoured snacks. I'm not a huge fan of scallops, and I find that many "fish" flavoured treats don't really work out. I often find that any meat (including fish) flavoured treat doesn’t really work out very well. I'm OK with some meats being used in partnership with a snack, like bacon bits in chocolate is fine. The problem when you flavour a treat to taste like a meat is that it rarely feels like you’re actually eating that meat (or in this case fish).

On opening this package, the first smell that hits my nose is fairly similar to fish food. I’m talking about the stuff that you sprinkle into your fish tank to keep your fish alive. The treats themselves have a bit of a fishy flavour, but it's not really that strong. The aftertaste is a little fishier, but it's still not over powering. They taste like slightly salted, overly crispy, French fries. Fortunately, the fish flavour isn't over powering, because that could have ruined these completely for me. I think the initial smell you get when you open this package is about as fishy as this treat gets.

The idea of flavouring a salty treat with scallops is fairly unique. Since I'm not an expert on scallops, I can't say for sure how these compare to the real thing. I can tell you that I don't really mind these, and I'd eat them again. However, I think I'd prefer these with a spice or herb flavour instead of trying to imitate fish or meat.