February 2023

Jelly Filled Nougat Roll with Pistachios and Rose Water


There are two interesting features about this treat, one is about great candy design, the other is about the habits of candy makers in the Middle East. I guess those habits might just be in Qatar where I bought this treat, but I feel like it could be a regional thing too. That habit is to surprise you with a flavour. When you look at this treat you know you’re getting nougat, pistachio and jelly. Sure you don’t know what flavour the jelly is, but the assumption is that it’s subtle. My guess was that it was maybe pistachio flavoured as well, but I was very wrong. Hidden in the visual format of this treat is the fact that it is very much flavoured with rose water. Fortunately for me, I actually like rose water as a flavouring. It’s fortunate because the rose water flavour of this candy is not subtle in the slightest.

The other interesting thing about this treat is the design, more importantly the way the candy maker was able to make an interesting looking candy as well as a candy that has several interesting textures. The textures are obvious, squishy from the soft nougat, jelly from the jelly, and crunchy from the pistachios. These three texture make each bite of this treat very interesting. Depending on how you eat it, you can actually make each bite unique from the next. The best feature is all of the textures worked so well together, and even complimented each other. I feel like if one of these textures was gone, it wouldn’t have been as much fun to eat.

If you want to enjoy this treat, you really have to appreciate a great deal of rose water. As a person who generally likes rose water in my candy, even I found it to be a bit overwhelming. It didn’t ruin the treat, but I would have liked a little warning first.