Niovember 2022












Kit Kat "Cheesecake Flavor"


I feel like the people that designed this Kit Kat bar have never eaten a cheesecake before. While there are lots of different kinds of cheesecake out in the world, in general you have to have a creamy filling with a crust of some kind. The crust is often some kind of sweet cookie or cracker, traditionally a graham cracker is used, but you can use other things in some cases. When it comes to plain cheesecakes, the cream filling should be first and foremost creamy, but also a good balance of sweet with a bit of a tartness. Often the tart flavour is counteracted with the crust and any topping you decide to cover your slice of cheesecake.

The reason I went into such detail about what a cheesecake should be, is because I wanted to explain where this bar went wrong. The first bite of this bar is bland, it’s probably the most bland flavoured Kit Kat that I’ve ever tried. All I really tasted at first was sweet, with no hint of creamy, tart, or any kind of graham cracker. It was so bland that I actually thought there was something wrong with me. I would have probably tried drinking some lemon juice just to check on my taste buds had it not been for the vanilla after taste. It is traditional for cheesecakes to have a vanilla taste, so this is where this bar hit it right on. The vanilla flavour didn’t emerge till after a few chews, but once it hit it was pretty strong.

The problem is that it was just the vanilla flavour, none of the other flavours that go with a cheesecake emerged at all. If I was trying this blindfolded I’d say it was some kind of weird vanilla flavoured Kit Kat, and wouldn’t have guessed in a million years that it was cheesecake. The texture of the white chocolate was also not as good as quality of chocolate I normally expect from Japanese Kit Kat bars. I was expecting to bite into a Kit Kat that reminded me of a decadent dessert, instead I got a bland, waxy Kit Kat that had a decent vanilla aftertaste.