May 2023

Kit Kat "Raspberry Blast"


When I first saw the package, and read the name “Raspberry Blast”, my assumption was that this Kit Kat bar was going to be intensely raspberry. Words like “blast” and bright colours are most often used for candy that’s not fooling around when it comes to look and flavour. That’s why I was totally blown away when I opened up this bar only to discover that it looked pretty much like a regular milk chocolate Kit Kat bar. The main difference is that this Kit Kat has some rather peculiar specs on the top of the bar embedded in the chocolate. This bar did have a fairly strong raspberry odour, so I knew at the very least that I was eating this right bar.

When I first bit into this Kit Kat I really didn’t see much of a difference between the regular Kit Kat and this raspberry version. There was no jam or bright pink layers at all. Just milk chocolate with white wafers. The small specs turned out to the difference both flavour and texture wise. Flavour wise there was most certainly a raspberry flavour, I would even go so far as to say that the word “blast” was not totally misused. I wouldn’t say that the flavour was overwhelming, but it wasn’t overly subtle either.

The small flecks turned out to be some kind of chewy raspberry treat. I couldn’t make out if the flecks were actual dried pieces of raspberry, or some kind of raspberry gummy. Either way the flavour seemed fairly authentic, and the small chewy bits added a new texture that was a fun addition. I don’t know if it improved the already awesome Kit Kat texture, but it’s nice to have something a little different now and then.

This particular bar that I bought was only two fingers, and I feel like that was enough. I don’t see myself ever seeking this bar out again, but I think it was a fun little treat on a weekday afternoon. It had all of the trademark Kit Kat parts, with a weird “blast” of raspberry.