November 2022















Kit Kat "Banana Caramel"


I can safely say that this is the best banana Kit Kat bar that I’ve ever eaten. It’s not a huge victory since I can only remember eating one other banana Kit Kat bar and I didn’t really like it that much. So I guess you can say that this is an improvement when it comes to Kit Kat bars that are flavoured like banana. I should also note that I often don’t like banana flavoured treats, so if you like banana flavoured treats than this might be a step down for you. Finally I want to mention that this is probably my least favourite caramel flavoured Kit Kat bar, but there’s a really good reason for that.

The biggest problem with this bar is the caramel, or the complete lack of caramel. I’m fairly convinced that there is no real caramel in this bar at all. If there is real caramel it’s such a small amount that it made only a small impression on the flavour. The small impression it makes does do one great thing, and that’s take down the banana flavour. So I guess what I’m saying is that I’m happy that the caramel flavour exists, but only because it slightly covers up the flavour of the banana, which I don’t really like. I should also mention that the chocolate helped cover up the banana flavour as well, but it also blocked the caramel flavour.

To boil it down, this candy bar had a real balance problem. The main flavour of this bar was banana, followed by chocolate and then caramel. The caramel was so faint that it hardly even tasted like caramel, instead it simply acted to mellow out the banana flavour. Of all the flavours I feel like the chocolate was the best, it was strong, but it did overpower the caramel. I feel that more caramel is the better solution instead of less chocolate. I might even argue that more caramel is the better option when compared to the banana too. While I don’t love fake banana flavours, I feel like a hardy dose of caramel might mellow out the banana and make it somewhat pleasurable.

This bar didn’t work, but I feel like it’s a concept that could work, it just needs more balance. If I found out that they re-released this bar I’d give it another try, although I feel like it would work best as a chunky Kit Kat with a thick (er?) layer of caramel on the top.