November 2022







Kit Kat "Whole Wheat"


There was a brief second or two when I thought this was going to be a very boring white chocolate Kit Kat. When I discovered this bar I assumed one of two things. I thought this bar might be a regular Kit Kat that just happened to be made with whole wheat instead of whatever it is that Kit Kat bars are made of. My second thought was that this bar might actually try to give a hint of wheat flavour. It turns out that at first this bar is just a regular white chocolate Kit Kat, but after a few chews the whole wheat flavour builds, and keeps building.

Within a few chews there is no doubt that this is a whole wheat bar. I should mention that I don’t actually know for sure if this bar has any real whole wheat in it, but it certainly tastes like it. It’s particularly nice because that nice grain flavour balances out the sweetness of the white chocolate Kit Kat. I’ve been on the record in the past about how I often find some white chocolate treats can be kind of boring. The whole wheat flavour really adds an interesting twist to this mix, and it works really well.

One of the details I really loved about this bar is the colour of the white chocolate. Instead of just making it normal white, there’s a slight brown tinge to it. I’m not sure if it’s actually from whole wheat mixed into the chocolate, or if it’s just colouring. Either way it’s a nice touch and makes this Kit Kat bar pretty unique.