November 2022

Kit Kat "Peach"


This Kit Kat bar is unapologetically peach flavoured. This candy bar is not trying to be anything but peach flavoured at any point. It’s not as if the label says that it’s any other fruit flavoured either. It’s just that the colour, the smell, and particularly the flavour is nothing but peach. I’ll warn you though, it doesn’t really taste like a real peach. Instead it tastes like peach powdered drink mix, some might find this annoying, but I don’t mind. I actually love that particular fake peach flavour, I often buy inexpensive peach powdered drink, even though it tastes nothing like real peaches.

The other thing this Kit Kat bar offers is a smooth white chocolate. This white chocolate is subtle in flavour, but adds a really great smoothness to the mix (no pun intended). So you don’t just get a great (albeit fake) peach flavour, you get a great (albeit fake) peaches and cream flavour. I believe that peaches and cream is a great flavour combination, and this bar pulls it off very well.

I think how much you like this Kit Kat depends greatly on how much you like fake peach flavour. If you’re just into real peach flavour I’m pretty sure you’ll be disappointed. If you don’t like peaches at all you’ll want to stay away from this bar and anyone eating this bar, because the peach flavour is bold and may waft to your neighbours as well.