June 2023

Edible Picture Book Dinosaur Edition


Another Kracie do it yourself kit, but this time with a twist. For those unfamiliar with Kracie treats, they became very popular making do it yourself candy making kits that would depict miniature versions of popular Japanese foods. Each box would contain several small envelopes of various powders that you’d mix in a certain way to make various parts of a fake Japanese meal. The results were often pretty amazing, and you can now find hundreds of videos online of people making these kits, including one that we made a few years back.

This particular kit however is unique for two reasons. First of all it’s theme isn’t food, but dinosaurs instead. It also doesn’t really contain any bizarre powders or food science to make them. The theme of this treat is much simpler, and I believe there’s an attempt to be educational. The idea is to melt some chocolate, pour it into a mould, then try and figure out which dinosaur you’ve created. The process is fairly simple (after having a little help from Google to translate the package), simply put the chocolate packs in warm water till the chocolate melts, then squeeze the chocolate into the mould, finally let it cool.

The fun is that the dinosaurs come in three pieces, and it’s your job to build all the dinosaurs in your collection, and identify them on the illustrated place mate that they provide. I got a t-rex and parasaurolophus, or so I think. As Kracie kits go, I would describe this one as fairly simple, and other than waiting for the chocolate to warm up and cool, fairly quick to make. The chocolate is fine, not the best in the world, but probably designed to melt quickly, settle into the mould easily and cool quickly. I can’t really complain considering how well the process went and how good my dinosaurs looked when they popped easily out of the mould.

The addition of cookie bits was a little weird. It was a fine addition to the chocolate, but didn’t really fit the dinosaur theme very well. Maybe they were trying to give you some crunch like bones? It was a little weird, but maybe it was just another thing to do to make the process more fun.