G - North America - Unique

Golden Cubes

Madelaine Chocolate Company

Taste: 5

Texture: 5

Novelty: 3.5

All scores out of 5

November 24 2009

When I first saw these little golden cubes I thought that Madelaine's had decided to send me soup mix or something. An unlabeled golden cube, in particular a bag of them looks kind of strange. Since I received them by mail I also don't have the privilege of really knowing what I'm about to eat. Well maybe they sent some paper work describing it but I really don't pay attention to that stuff because I could either read paperwork or eat candy. The advantage in Madelaine's favour is they normally produce really nice high quality stuff so I was sure it wasn't soup. In fact because of their reputation the fact that it was a mystery added to the fun.

When you open the chocolate you're pretty much presented with something that's only marginally less a mystery. It's a cube of chocolate, half dark brown and half light brown. I have to be honest and say the idea that it might be soup came to mind. The thing that changed my mind was what happened after I took the first bite.

Basically this little cube of goodness is just that, goodness. In fact it's more than goodness, it's greatness. A nice smooth chocolate taste with a slight hint of hazelnut. Also the texture was just perfect, my teeth sunk in just nicely and I got the perfect after chocolate feeling in my mouth. I fantastic treat by the folks at Madelaine Chocolate Company.