Original Gourmet "Cherry Cheesecake"

Original Gourmet

When I took my first lick of this lollipop, I was kind of disappointed. I thought that for a strawberry cheesecake lollipop it really would have been nice to be a little tarter than it was. Then I read the package and I realized that it's a cherry cheesecake lollipop, and not a strawberry cheesecake lollipop. After realizing this, the lollipop made a lot more sense. While the cherry flavour isn't the best I've ever had, it tasted much more like cherry than strawberry. My favorite part of this lollipop however was the slightly creamy flavour it had. Cheesecake is not an easy lollipop flavour to pull off, but the folks at Original Gourmet did a pretty good job with it.

The size of this lollipop is pretty good. While it's just a little bit large at first, it does shrink down fairly quick to a manageable size. My one complaint about sucking on this particular lollipop is at the bottom. I've had Original Gourmet lollipops before, and most of them have a little bit of candy sticking out the bottom. This one however was concave a little at the bottom. When sucking on the lollipop this area collected moisture, which would then drip on my fingers. I'm not sure if this is a manufactures defect or what, but it did detract a little from the fun of eating a lollipop.

Any of my complaints about this lollipop are really little details. The cherry could have been a little more cherry like, and the shape of this particular lollipop was a little off. I can't give this treat a perfect score, but it's still pretty good.

Suck Time: 50 min