Original Gourmet "Cotton Candy"

Original Gourmet

I have a problem with cotton candy flavoured candies. Cotton candy is not a flavour; it's a style of candy. You can have other flavours of cotton candy, like cherry, maple, or raspberry. So how do you make a candy taste like a candy that can be any flavour? The thing that makes cotton candy so special is the texture, not the flavour. So, whenever I eat a cotton candy flavoured candy, all I can think about is how much this candy doesn't really taste like anything unique. More importantly, when it's a hard candy, all I can think about is how much this candy is nothing like cotton candy.

Unfortunately, this lollipop did nothing to change my mind on the subject either. All I can really taste is sweet sugar, and nothing else. These gourmet lollipops have two things going for them, they look cool, and they have awesome original flavours. While this one manages fine in the looking good category, the flavour just isn't that spectacular. The fault isn't in the execution of the flavour either, it's in the idea that cotton candy is not a flavour; it's a type of candy.
Texture wise as a lollipop this candy is fine, so I'm not really sure how to mark it. As a lollipop it's a 4, but as cotton candy it's a 1. I guess as a score I'll just have to find some middle ground.

I don't know how you could make a cotton candy lollipop that would really convince me. I think you'd probably have an easier time making cotton candy that tasted like a particular lollipop instead.

Suck Time: 52 min