Original Gourmet Cream Swirl "Mystery Flavor"

Original Gourmet

I'm not really sure what the folks at Original Gourmet meant when they called this a "Mystery Flavour". Does it mean that this lollipop is a specific flavour, but they're not going to tell us, so we have to guess? Or is this a random collection of flavours that they've combined, and they had no particular flavour in mind? If they had a flavour in mind, I feel like they're issuing me a challenge, and this makes me feel pressured, as if they're saying that if I don't guess the flavour, I'm a bad Candy Critic. If they don't have a flavour in mind, then I start to think that the folks at Original Gourmet are kind of lazy, and they're just making random flavour and not committing to giving the flavour a name. It's really a lose/lose situation.

Fortunately, when it comes to the flavour of this particular mystery lollipop, it's really a big win. If I had to describe the flavour of this lollipop, I'd call it tutti-fruity bubble gum. It started as just a plain bubble gum flavour, but slowly a fruity flavour started to come into play. The bubble gum flavour never leaves; the tutti-fruity flavour just adds itself into the mix. It was a pleasure to eat, and my only complaint is that I wouldn't be able to ask for this flavour again, since it's one of many mystery flavours that they make.

Texture wise this lollipop was fine; it had a bit of a concave bottom (something I've experienced before with Original Gourmet lollipops) that meant that there was a bit of a moisture collection problem. This led to a sticky stick and fingers about halfway through the lollipop.

Of all of the Original Gourmet lollipops I've eaten yet, this one is truly my favourite. I think the fact that I didn't know what flavour it was helped them very much. Instead of comparing it to something, I found that my imagination filled in the holes, and I had a lot more fun eating it.

Suck Time: 51 min