April 2023




Peeps "Original"

Just Born

There is one feature that I really don’t like about these Peeps, and one feature that I really like. I’ll start with the positive and mention the feature I really like about these Peeps. For some reason I really like the crunchy texture of the sugar coating on Peeps. There’s something really satisfying about biting into that crunchy crust of yellow sugar that makes me very satisfied. I can’t really explain it because it feels more like a crust than just a sugar coating. You can really see this when you break your Peeps apart because cracks form on the yellow coating.

While I enjoy the crunchy texture of these Peeps, it does lack in something that I feel is critical for candy, flavour. If I had to describe the flavour of these Peeps I would say nothing. There is a sweet flavour for sure, but it isn’t a flavourful sweet like maple sugar or honey. The sweet flavour you get from these Peeps is like eating a mouth full of plain white sugar. I’ve tasted a few other Peeps that were flavoured, and they were pretty good. I just feel like these regular Peeps are pretty disappointing flavour wise.

In general I’m not a huge fan of marshmallows. Marshmallows hit me with two things I don’t really like. I don’t like the factory squishy texture and I dislike that they’re often very bland. These Peeps made a little bit of ground with the texture by adding that crunchy crust, but they lost a lot of marks by being really bland. I’m glad that Just Born has expanded the Peeps line by adding some flavour, but I’m wondering how they managed to hang on so long when their classic original is just not that great.