Raspberry Licorice Fudge


I have to admit I completely did not understand this candy when I tasted it. This is not to say that I liked it a whole lot after I understood it, but at the very least I can say that it's more successful now that I understand it. When I first tasted this fudge, I assumed that it was supposed to be raspberry flavoured, and as a raspberry fudge goes, it's a total failure. Then I read the word "licorice" on the bin where I bought it (I took a picture of the bin when I bought it) and I realized that it was supposed to be raspberry and licorice flavoured instead.

What this fudge actually tastes like is a really fake fruit flavour, similar to red licorice. This is when it dawned on me (sorry I'm slow) that this is supposed to be red licorice flavoured fudge. Apparently in the eyes of the folks who make the candy for IKEA, red licorice is raspberry flavoured. I personally always thought red licorice was red licorice flavoured, I never associated it with any kind of fruit. As far tasting like red licorice goes, it's pretty spot on. The next question for me then is, why would anybody want to eat red licorice flavoured fudge. I have to be honest; I think as a fudge red licorice flavour just falls really flat.

It also doesn't help that the fudge itself was super stale. I imagine that the stale texture and flavour comes from the fact that it's been sitting in a bulk bin at IKEA for a while. I think the first step to improving this fudge would be a rethinking of how it's sold. I would suggest maybe packaging it up in some kind of sealed container. This might keep it fresh, and softer a little longer. It might also help the flavour as well, since old fudge can take on flavours that are around it.

Maybe if I could try this fudge fresh, I might like it a little more, but for now it's an interesting idea that just didn't work.