Renesse "Red Ginseng Candy"


I'm not a fan of ginseng. I do understand that it's very good for you, and that it helps you deal with things like colds. This is why the first time I ever tried one of these candies I was suffering from a cold. While the cold was not cured instantly from this candy, it did make my throat feel a little better. Having said that, my throat may have felt better after eating almost any kind of candy that maybe didn’t have to be ginger. I will say that while I had my cold, the flavour of this candy didn't bother me too much.

This is a different story then when I decided to try one of these candies after my cold had cleared up. With my taste buds firing on all cylinders, this candies flavour changed, or at the very least was enhanced. It went from being a candy with only a slight ginseng aftertaste, to being a candy that reminded me why I hate ginseng in the first place. If I had to compare this candy to other flavours, I would say it's a cross between stale peanuts and soap. If that's something that sounds appealing to you, then you'll be really happy with these, if you're a normal human being, then you'll likely find these to be horrible.

I will say that the flavour does die down a bit as you eat this candy, but every once in a while, it comes back and you're reminded about how bad these candies really are. I am sure these candies are doing something positive to my body, because there's no way that people eat these because they like the taste.

Suck Time:15min