Easter Egg "Marshmallow"

Rocky Mountain Chocolate

I wasn't going to write this review. I received this egg as a gift with several other chocolate Easter eggs and as soon as I took this out of the package I figured I wouldn't write the review. I'm not a huge fan of marshmallow treats, so I figured that it wouldn't be fair to pick out the one chocolate egg that I was pretty sure I wouldn't like as much as the rest. I generally don't like marshmallow treats that much because of one particular problem, too much marshmallow. I don't dislike marshmallows as an ingredient in some treats. It can add a unique texture and flavour in some cases. However I often find that “marshmallow” treats are just too much marshmallow. There's something sickly sweet about a giant glob of marshmallow with a bit of chocolate that doesn't balance. The marshmallow always seems to overpower the chocolate. The only time I'm okay with dense marshmallow is if it's roasted, but uncooked it's a difficult ingredient to balance out.

This brings me back to this egg, and why you're now reading a review for a chocolate treat that I wasn't going to review. The brilliant people at Rocky Mountain Chocolate have done something to this marshmallow treat to not only make it palatable, it actually makes it really good. What they've done is add a chocolate cream into the mix. This egg is not simply filled with a marshmallow sludge, in fact there is no marshmallow sludge at all. They've filled this egg with a chocolate cream, and  liberally sprinkled full marshmallows into this cream. Instead of having a sickly sweet treat, I've enjoyed a rich chocolate egg with a smattering of marshmallow surprises.

Another way to describe this egg is to say that it's like a rocky road, only without the nuts. I'd actually be interested in trying this egg with a few walnuts scattered in. I feel like whoever came up with this chocolate egg would have the skills to balance out all three of these flavours in this egg. It's really nice to see that someone has taken the time to try and balance the flavours in this marshmallow egg. I feel like it's the kind of treat that those of us who like marshmallows, but don't love them can enjoy. I guess you might be disappointed if you were expecting a glob of sickly sweet marshmallow, but frankly I feel like almost anyone would enjoy this egg.