Easter Egg "Sour Blue Raspberry"

Rocky Mountain Chocolate

It’s not often that I come across a new concept for an Easter treat. It’s even less common to find a new flavour concept for an Easter treat. This flavour concept is so new for me that I can’t say I’ve ever tasted anything like it. I’m not just talking about Easter treats, I don’t think I’ve even seen a regular chocolate filled with a sour blue raspberry filling. Most of the time chocolate Easter treats are just filled with fillings that are very common in the fine chocolate world. Fillings like caramel, marshmallow, peanut butter and chocolate cream are the norm. Not that these norms are a bad thing, it’s just very refreshing to see something so unique.

The filling is not only unique in flavour, but visually, it’s dare I say beautiful. It’s such a bright blue that contrasts so well with the brown milk chocolate. I feel like I’m looking at art when I look into this chocolate egg. The chocolate is also good, it’s much better than your average Easter chocolate that you might find at big box or grocery stores. It’s not the best chocolate I’ve ever eaten, but it tastes good and physically holds up well, and that’s important considering this is a multiple bite treat.

The cream itself is unique, but I feel like some purists might have a problem with it. It’s not really a raspberry flavour, at least in the berry sense. This is more of a fake raspberry flavour, closer to the classic blue raspberry slushy than an actual berry. It did twig a few moments of nostalgia for me, as it reminded me of going skating at my local hockey arena and getting a slushy when I was finished skating.

While I did enjoy this chocolate egg, particularly for its creativity, there were a few small flaws. I feel like the flaws all stem from the flavour power of the filling. It just wasn’t sour blue raspberry enough for me. The chocolate most certainly toned down the flavour a lot. Just taking a regular bite it feels like you’re eating a chocolate with a hint of blue raspberry. I scooped some of the filling out on its own and only then could I appreciate it. Secondly it just wasn’t sour enough. If I was to rename this filling I would call it tart blue raspberry, and that’s only if you scoop out the filling. The chocolate almost eliminates all the sourness when eaten properly. While I’m not sure the masses would appreciate a really sour filling in a milk chocolate egg, I’d certainly enjoy at least trying it. I’d love to have to savour the smooth milk chocolate in order to calm the intense sour of the filling.

Having said all of that, this is certainly a chocolate treat worth trying if you’re interested in trying something different. Your opinion on it depends on your memories of eating blue raspberry candies as a kid.