Chocolateria Georgalos "Sin Azucar"


I knew almost nothing about this chocolate until I showed the package to Allison. She then told me that "sin azucar" means no sugar. So, our assumption is that this is a no sugar added chocolate square. Upon opening the package, I could confirm that this was in fact a chocolate square, or at the very least something that looked kind of like chocolate. I can’t confirm the lack of sugar, but I’ll assume that it’s true. It was a little lighter than most milk chocolates I'm used to, but nothing so out of the ordinary that it would appear to be wrong. After biting into it, I can again confirm that it's a square of chocolate.

The texture is somewhat chocolate like, and so is the flavour. Although I would say that the Chocolateria Georgalos “Sin Azucar is more like somewhat crappy chocolate than any chocolate really worth trying. Don't get me wrong, I’m not saying that you can’t have good chocolate with no sugar. I've tasted some pretty good no sugar added chocolate in my life. This square on the other hand does not fall into this category. It's not so bad that I wanted to spit it out, but I was glad that it was just a little square, and not a whole bar.

The best way to describe this bar is a dry, strange tasting, square of chocolate. It's sugar free, if that's a plus for you. The problem is there are much better sugar free chocolates available in the world, and you should probably go find one of those instead of eating this bar.