Stjornu Rulla

Appolo Lakkris

I've learned something about how I write reviews. If I'm nervous about reviewing a particular treat, I often write the first paragraph without having actually tasted the candy. For example, I took this Stjornu Rulla out of my bag, and before even opening the package I thought about writing this paragraph. Now I'm sitting down without a thought of eating this candy at all. I'm sure that I'm stalling, but considering I generally don't like licorice, and in particular Licorice Allsorts (which this bears a serious resemblance to) it's not surprising.

The other thing I've learned when I write reviews, is that I shouldn't be so darn nervous. While this candy wasn't anything I would seek out again, it was surprisingly better than I expected it to be. The likely reason for it being better than I expected comes from the fact that the licorice is really mellow. The licorice flavour doesn't overpower, and it allows the flavour of the bright yellow cream to come through. Also, as a bonus, the bright yellow cream tasted pretty good too. I don't know if I'd want to eat a candy made of just this bright yellow cream, but it was a good balance with the licorice.

When I eat candies like this I really start to wonder if my taste for licorice is starting to come around. Likely I'll get over zealous about it and bite into some kind of extreme licorice candy and regret it, but for now I'll just enjoy the fact that I was nervous about this Stjornu Rulla for nothing.