Adicto Browni


I have to admit; this brownie scares me a little bit. There are two things on the package that makes me a little nervous about reviewing this treat. First of all, the name seems to imply that I will be addicted to this treat after tasting it. I bought this cake treat while on vacation, that means I may never see it again (or at the very least it would cost a fortune to travel back to the place where I got it), and if I'm "addicted" to it then it would be very expensive to get another one to sooth my addiction. The other thing that worries me is the fact that the word "brownie" is misspelled. In the food industry companies often misspell words to get around legal implications. It's like calling something "froot" because it doesn't actually contain any fruit. What I can’t figure out is why would a treat not call itself a brownie?

After eating this cake treat my worry about being addicted has changed a little bit. The "browni" isn't that great. It's kind of dry, and there could have been much more cocoa for my liking. So instantly I'm confident that I'm not going to be addicted to it because of the high-quality texture or flavour. That makes me wonder, is there something else in this "browni" that's going to make me desperately crave more? What kind of 12-step program am I going to need over the next few months?

Hopefully the fact that they also misspelled "adicto" (if it was to represent addiction it would have had two "d"s) is an indication that I'm not going to be desperately craving this "browni" again in the future. I can tell you that the overly chopped nuts, slightly dry texture, and lack of chocolate flavour aren't going to bring me back. It's not that this "browni" is horrible, it's just not anything worth raving about, nor is it anything that I'll need professional help getting over in the future.