R - North America - Salty

Ruffles All Dressed


Taste: 2

Texture: 4.5

Novelty: 3 if you're Canadian 4 if you are not.

All scores out of 5

It wasn't until recently that I discovered that All Dressed potato chips were a Canadian thing. I'd always assumed that they were a standard flavour, in North America at least. Then I came across a list of strange Canadian snacks on the Internet, and All Dressed chips were on it. I don't blame the writers of this list for considering them to be a strange snack; I was just surprised that it was something unknown to the rest of the world. Canada is well known for creating strange flavours of chips, but All Dressed is strange for a very specific reason.

The biggest mystery is exactly what flavour these are supposed to be. Some people assume that they're a combination of all of the popular chip flavours, such as salt and vinegar, ketchup, BBQ, and sour cream and onion. The package implies that there is a range of flavours, however they appear to be vinegar, onion, and some kind of red pepper (or paprika). The one thing that's unmistakable in each bite is that there is a strange mix of flavours. It starts off with a sour vinegar flavour, then it tastes a little like BBQ, and it finishes with something kind of onion like. I could easily see the flavour of paprika and BBQ getting confused, particularly since they may use a smoked paprika.

I've never considered All Dressed chips to be my favourite flavour of chips, and my opinion hasn't changed. I'm guessing since it's considered a standard flavour of chips here in Canada that many people do like them. I don't hate them, but I've never craved them either. It's not that the flavours are bad; they're just too many flavours competing with each bite.