M&M's "Almond"


I think M&M's almonds might be the biggest M&M's available on the market. I can't see them getting any bigger unless they make an M&M's walnut edition... Wait a minute… That sounds really good! Hey folks at Mars, while I write this review, could you please consider the idea of giant M&M's walnuts? I'd make them myself but I don't have a panning machine, or the ability to stamp tiny little "M"s on each one of them (although I probably wouldn’t have to stamp tiny “M”s on them because they would huge).

The almonds are an interesting choice for M&M's. Almonds are one of the more elegant nuts if you ask me. I'd say cashews or macadamia nuts are probably the most elegant, but almonds are surely a close second. So, for some reason I feel like these M&Ms are a little fancier than the peanut or plain. The taste is a little fancier than the peanut or plain M&Ms. They seem to have a slight burnt taste to them, and I mean that in a good way. The peanut M&Ms really have a nice crunch, and a bit of a nutty flavour, but these are just a bit more roasty in flavour.

Texture wise, Almonds are a little crunchier than peanuts, and this works well with the candy coating. You get a thin crunch from the candy, followed by smooth chocolate, and then a bigger crunch in the almond in the centre. I've always said that almost all peanuts don't really crunch, as much as they're hard (if that makes any sense). Almonds on the other hand really do have a crunch to them.

I'm not sure if these are better or worse than peanut or plain M&Ms, but I can say that they're in the same league. I wouldn't want to eat them all the time, but they work really well as a special treat.