I've got a date tonight. Sure, it's not hot, but it's a good thing it's not because then the chocolate would melt all over the place. Wow. That's the last time I try schtick comedy on this site... well it probably isn't; I figure it'll come up again. As you maybe can tell from the corny opening of this review, the candy at hand has dates in it. Almonds, too. Also interesting for me is this is my first ever candy from Dubai. I have nothing else to say about that; it's just kind of cool.

That candy is pretty tasty. The date gives it a kind of boozy flavour, and not in a bad way (this is ironic since it come from Dubai). The thing that really holds this treat together is the whole almond stuck in the middle of the date. It takes away some of the sweetness from the date that would have killed this treat had it just been a chocolate-covered date, and it also adds a great crunchy texture.

The chocolate is pretty thin and hard to judge on its quality, but the date and almond mix more than cover for it. In fact, the amount of chocolate with the date and almond is just right. I'm glad this worked out. I'm only a little sad, because I really doubt that any candy maker in North America would have the guts to try and sell these here.