Amazon Brittle


The Amazon Brittle bar takes great Cadbury chocolate (commonly found in the Dairy Milk bar) and adds mixed nuts and brittle. Mixing nuts and brittle is not something super clever, many other candy companies have done it before. The thing is it’s really great when you mix those ratios just right. It’s also really important to have those high-quality ingredients, starting with a high-quality chocolate. Cadbury pretty much has this down, and fortunately for them it just means they have to get some nice fresh nuts and balance this all out with a sweet crunchy brittle.

The name "Amazon" is all about making it seem exotic and hey why not, it's trendy right now. I’m not really sure if there’s anything else to the name. Maybe the nuts are sourced in South America, or maybe there’s a history of candy brittles along the Amazon that I don’t know about. Strangely, South America actually has a more well-known association with chocolate than brittle. While I can’t figure out the origins of this name, it certainly doesn’t ruin the chocolate bar.

The bar itself is pretty good, the chocolate is smooth and the ingredients are blended just right. It's not the most creative bar in the world since about a many other chocolate companies make a bar with brittle and nuts, but when you go for a bar like this it generally isn't expected to be overly creative. The thing that makes this bar good is the guarantee that it will be simple and it has a generally good mix of high-quality ingredients.