Fruit 'n' Nut


Before even getting into this review, I should mention that this box while looking really cool, made it very difficult to get the chocolate bar out. The chocolate part of the bar fit perfectly in the box, so the gold foil around the chocolate bar was just a little bit too much, and I ended up taking the box apart just to get it out. It wasn't a big deal, however if you planned on saving any of the bar for later, you'd be out of luck.

As for the bar itself, one thing caught my attention. The package has the words "new & improved" written across it. After eating this bar that would lead me to believe that the earlier version of this bar was pretty bad. Don't get me wrong this bar isn't bad; it's just not great. Worst of all it's competing with a classic bar, the Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut. When you compare the two, the Cadbury bar is much better.

The two big problems with this bar are the fruit and chocolate. The chocolate is OK, but not great. It could have been much smoother and with a stronger chocolate flavour. The fruit on the other hand was a total disappointment. There were no pieces of real fruit in this bar that I could taste. Instead it seemed like the chocolate may have had a fruit flavour added. That's a great way to ruin not only the fruit aspect of the bar, but also the chocolate.

This bar could be great, just ask, Cadbury since they’ve already made a much better version. I think they might want to take off the text "new and improved" off of the package, that or improve it a bit more.