February 2023

Ananda Chocolate "Milk Chocolate"

Ananda Coffee & Cocoa

I think some people consider milk chocolate the be the “plain” chocolate. I think this happens because milk chocolate is the most common form of chocolate out there. In some ways that means that milk chocolate is the most boring chocolate, or to some people a lesser chocolate. There seems to be this idea that just because it’s milk chocolate, it’s not as classy or even as good as dark chocolate. I think this problem stems from the fact that most bad chocolate is milk chocolate, but not all milk chocolate is bad.

This is a perfect example of a good milk chocolate. I think this bar could easily stand up to many dark chocolates, and in particular I think it’s better than many of the mass produced dark chocolate bars and treats out there. This bar does not taste mass produced at all, in fact it tastes like the person who made it, made it just for me knowing that I might be critical about it. The ingredient list is so simple that it makes total sense. Sugar, cocoa and milk powder are the only ingredients, and that makes sense. Maybe this bar might not hold up if it was in storage for a long time, or shipped great distances, but that’s rarely (not never) the reason I buy chocolate.

It’s smooth and tastes like cocoa. The sugar and milk take away the bitterness of the chocolate without taking away the flavour of the cocoa. This is a delicate balance when you’re making milk chocolate and the people at Ananda have managed it very well. Sure it’s not an exciting bar of chocolate, there are no nuts or fun fillings, but what you have instead is a satisfying bite of chocolate that melts in your mouth. While I like variety, it’s important to know that simple works as well.