This might be the simplest, yet most original, Japanese candy I've ever tasted in my entire life. Most of the time when I eat Japanese candies, they're either really weird, or their fairly basic. It's very rare that I get something that's both original and simple out of Japan. This is the kind of treat that I'm surprised isn't available all over the world. I would be hard pressed to find someone that would be afraid to eat this anywhere.

What you're getting here is two pancake like soft cookies with a chocolate paste sandwiched in the middle. It really is something that I'm pretty sure any candy fan wouldn't object to. In fact, one of my favorite things to do is to take Nutella and spread it between a couple of pancakes, so this treat takes that concept that I've been doing for years and turns it into a packaged treat. It's such a basic concept, but I think it could be universally accepted. There's only one thing stopping this treat from taking the world by storm, and that's quality.

The pancakes are OK, but the chocolate filling was very disappointing. The texture was fine, but the flavour was almost nonexistent. When the pancake is the dominant flavour in a treat like this, you're doing it very wrong. If you just amped up the quality and strength of the chocolate cream, you'd have a treat that I feel could be a global candy. But without a better quality chocolate filling, this treat simply takes this wonderfully simple concept and ruins it.