December 2023



Andy Capp’s Cheddar Fries

Conagra Brands

I feel like this is a snack themed on a cartoon strip that’s outlasted the cartoon strip. I’m not sure if they still publish Andy Capp cartoon strips, but I haven’t seen one in many years. Even when it was being published I didn’t really read it too often, and when I did I didn’t really get it. I’m not saying it was a bad comic strip, after all it was published for years, it just didn’t really fit my demographic. Back to the snack.

My first question is, do French fries have anything to do with Andy Capp? I’m thinking of a relationship like Garfield had to lasagne. From the few strips I remember, I don’t recall any focus on French fries. I guess maybe it has something to do with Andy Cap’s connection to the everyday person, and I guess every day people eat fries. My next question is more about the snack and it’s about the fact that these are a corn and potato based snack. I don’t know for sure, but texture wise I feel like it’s more corn than potato. So why not just make a potato based snack if you’re trying to symbolize French fries? There are plenty of great potato based snacks that kind of look like French fries and have little to no corn in them.

I should mention that although the theme of this snack didn’t really work for me, and the fact that it was more of a corn puff texture than a potato texture, there was something I really enjoyed about these crunchy treats. I feel like the flavouring was really good. It says “cheese”, but there is most certainly more than just cheese on these long puffs. I definitely tasted some garlic and a few other herbs as well, and they worked so well with the cheese. I feel like taking this flavouring and putting in a potato chip would be fantastic.

I don’t really understand several things about this snack. Maybe if I read a few Andy Capp comics the theme might have made more sense. I’m not sure the fact that these are corn puffs would ever make sense. I did however really enjoy the flavour, it was a way to make cheese flavour kind of unique and tasty too.