Creamy Raspberry

Anthon Berg

According to the box this particular treat is "by appointment to the royal Danish Court". I assume that it means that the royal family in Denmark likes eating these little chocolate raspberry treats. This brings on a couple of questions for me. First of all, who knew they had royalty in Denmark. Secondly, if this is the treat of the Danish Court, what are the treats of other royal courts? I also wonder if I'm worthy enough to be eating these, although I apparently have some Scottish Royal blood in my veins.

Having said all of that I must say that the Danish royal family has ok taste in chocolates. These are nice and smooth, and the filling very goopy (and I say that in the best way possible). It's nice to get a filling that isn't rock hard or just crystallized sugar. The centre of these little gems is smooth and sweet. It might be a little too sweet to call it perfect but it's pretty good. I think that maybe if they made the centre stuff just a little more tart like real raspberries I'd like it more, but really this stuff is still pretty good.

The chocolate was a little deceiving at first. When I unwrapped it, a shine came across the chocolate and I was terrified that this treat would have crummy non-melty chocolate. However, once I bit into it the chocolate melted away just nicely. Also, the chocolate to raspberry filling ratio was just perfect.