Arnott’s Wagon Wheels


When I saw his bar on he shelf, I couldn’t believe that a candy company managed to find a way to turn a Wagon Wheel into a chocolate bar form. It seemed to much to believe that you could combine a classic cake treat into a chocolate bar. As it turns out, it is too much to believe. The folks at Arnott's have totally missed the mark with this bar, and I feel like it’s a failure as both a chocolate bar and a Wagon Wheel. This is proof that combining two classic treats does not make a super treat.

The fact that it fails as a chocolate bar is the most surprising thing about this treat. Since this treat contains mostly chocolate, you’d think it would have that down pat, but alas. The problem with the chocolate is the complete lack of chocolate flavour. In an attempt to make this bar taste more like a Wagon Wheel they’ve added a really strong fruit flavour. This fruit flavour has completely dominated over this bar and eliminate all the chocolate flavour.

The fact that it fails as a Wagon Wheel isn’t as surprising, but it is disappointing. The attempt to make this bar Wagon Wheel like is done by adding cookie bits, hard marshmallows, bits of red stuff that may or may not be fruit, and the super strong overall fruit flavour. The flavour did have a slight Wagon Wheel hint, but it wasn’t great. The marshmallows were an okay attempt, but the cookie bits didn’t make sense at all. The red fruity bits were almost imperceptible, unless they were the source of the overall berry flavour, which I doubt.

This is not a successful candy bar. The package says it was inspired by a Wagon Wheel, bit it seems like the person inspired by it had never eaten one before. It felt like the person who created this bar may have been given a vague description of a Wagon Wheel, and that’s about it.