Astronaut Ice Cream

American Outdoor Products

So, this is a joke right, there's no ice cream here. We send great people into space, into extreme circumstances, strapped to giant silos of explosive fuel, and all we can give them to eat is this. I would think risking your life for the greater good of humanity is worth a sundae at the very least. Even if it’s not an extreme sundae with all the toppings, at the very least a simple soft serve with some chocolate sauce is warranted.

The best way to describe this treat is strange and dry. Surprisingly the flavour is okay but the texture is just impossible to describe. It's smooth and creamy like ice cream but it’s kind of chalky too. I'm not sure at this point if you can still call it ice cream either since it's not cold at all. For the most part it's not like real ice cream at all, but I maybe it’s hard to keep things cold up in space. You know the cold dark vacuum... Wait a minute its really cold up in space, why not bring regular ice cream and just leave it outside.

The novelty of this treat is the only reason you’re getting it. It’s not that it tastes horrible, it’s just not that pleasant either. It’s also something that I could never define as ice cream. It’s really more of a chalky bar of a weirdness.