Aussie Style Soft Gourmet Licorice Black

Lucky County

I'm really trying with all my might to like black licorice. I wonder every day if it's an acquired taste like sushi. Is it something that if I keep eating it and find good quality stuff eventually, I'll be ok with it and I'll be able to even enjoy even the lower quality licorice. Both my mom and my sister enjoy black licorice, so maybe I can turn on that family gene and develop a love for the stuff myself. I have to admit that the doubter in me thinks this is a hill much to high to climb.

I figured this “Aussie Style Licorice” was a great way to develop a taste for it, after all it has the word "gourmet" in it. I've tasted Australian red licorice and it's great, also many licorice aficionados have sung praises for Australian licorice to me in the past. So here goes...

The texture is ok, and at first it's actually pretty good. I don't think it has the astringent taste of licorice that I don't like, this is somewhat smoother. Black licorice that I don't like has a horrible after taste, it almost burns like an acid in my mouth. This stuff however is really good at first, the aftertaste isn't great, but it's much better than most black licorice I've eaten in the past.

This is not something easy to review. I think as far as licorice goes it's smooth and mild. If you don't like the strong stuff then you might be OK with this, however if you don't like licorice at all, this still might be too much for you. I imagine that if I ever do develop a taste for black licorice, this might be one of the first types of black licorice that I actually like.