Man Bait "Maple Bacon Lollipop"

DAS Lolli

What could I possibly say that would hype up this treat any more than the title? To some, the idea of a bacon-flavoured lollipop is the biggest nightmare in the world. To others, it might seem like the greatest idea in the world, that has you wondering why no one had thought of this sooner. To me I love the adventure, however the tag on the bottom that says it's all natural makes me both nervous and interested.

The thing that really makes this treat work is the mix of sweet and salty. This is a combination that's becoming more and more popular in the snack world, and with treats like this, in new and strange ways. The flavour is also a little smoky which is weird when you're eating a sweet lollipop, however it's not bad.

I'm thinking that if one leaves the conventions of what you expect from an average lollipop behind, this Man Bait lollipop is actually not too bad. If you're really stuck on the idea that a lollipop can only be fruity flavours, then you might have a bit of a problem with it. The good thing is, the Man Bait lollypop make's an interesting novelty treat, and if the person you give it to really likes bacon then they'll actually enjoy eating it too.

By the way the natural tag is because there are little flecks of what appears to be real bacon in this lollipop, so don't think it's just a silly label or gimmick.