Balisto "Almond And Honey"


Nothing's better than a cookie covered in chocolate, nothing I tell you. That's really what the non-pure chocolate bar is all about for the most part. The problem that can come up is sometimes the cookie isn't that good, or the chocolate is kind of cheap. Sometimes, they add other things to the treat that doesn't go well with the cookie or chocolate. This particular bar suffers from none of these afflictions.

The cookie is great, the chocolate fantastic and the milk honey addition is great. In fact, I give them great credit for that milk honey concoction, it's “yummy” and I don't use that word often. It's funny you'd think milk and honey would be a lot more common in the candy world but I don't see it too often. This bar took the simplicity of a cookie covered in chocolate and made it work with a little addition. They made sure the cookie was a tasty treat that could hold up on its own. The chocolate, do I really have to get into how good European chocolate bars are again? Needles to say it was smooth and creamy and had just the right amount of cocoa.

I'm told these are pretty common in France, so if you see them pick some up, you'll be happy. I would even say that they’re well worth importing to wherever you are.