Bananna "Chocolate"

Homeland Products

I'd really like to say that the makers of this treat lied to me, but technically they probably didn't. When I saw this package on the shelf, I thought that I was getting a lengthwise sliced banana chip covered in dark chocolate. It makes sense, there are a stack of long sliced bananas covered in chocolate on the package. To me a packaged banana is either a banana flavoured candy or a banana chip. I leaned towards chip because of markings indicating that's it's a "natural" product, so I assumed it would be a banana chip. Needless to say, I was really excited about trying these out, but then I bit into one.

The part that's a little deceiving is the words "sundried" on the box. I would take that as meaning that the banana chip was somehow dried in the sun till it was nice and crispy, but that's not the case. These are in fact sun dried bananas, and sundried bananas don't go crispy, they just get kind of chewy. I'm sure there are plenty of cultures used to eating bananas like this, but it was a new experience for me, and not really a pleasant one.

I'm sure sun drying bananas is what allows you to sell them in boxes on store shelves, if you didn't sun dry them, regular bananas covered in chocolate would probably go bad. The advantage of rotten regular chocolate bananas on the shelf is that at least you know you're about to bite into something you will not enjoy. While the flavour of these is OK, the texture is just so very strange, and the flavour of the banana is way too sweet. The banana tastes a little bit like the bruised part of a fresh banana.

The chocolate is OK, although it was fairly crumbly. Maybe if I was expecting the soft overly sweet banana center these might have been more enjoyable, but I wasn't. Maybe since you have the warning that I did not, you'll appreciate them a bit more than me.