Barbecue Korean and Seaweed Biscuit

Dorkbua Brand

You might be asking yourself, why would I buy a bag of chicken flavoured biscuits to review on a candy/snack review website. I'll be honest, crackers and biscuits are not something I commonly review on this site, in order for me to review them there has to be something special going on. Sometimes I'll review a biscuit because it has a unique flavour, other times I'll review a biscuit because there is a unique way of eating them. This might be the first time I've ever reviewed a biscuit because of its shape. I just love that these snacking biscuits are so sure of their chicken flavour that they actually shaped each biscuit like a chicken drumstick.

It's a pretty bold move, after all if your chicken flavoured biscuit doesn't actually taste like chicken, you've pretty much failed twice. The thing that scared me when I first took a bit is that I couldn't really taste any chicken, it just tasted a little spiced with a lot of salt (likely from the seaweed). Then after a few seconds a nice subtle chicken flavour seems to fill my mouth. It's actually a pretty close representation to normal fried chicken if you think about it. When you bite into a piece of fried chicken, the first thing you taste is the coating, then as your teeth sink in, the chicken flavour creeps into your palette. It was a brave move Dorkbua Brand, but I think you pulled off a pretty good fried chicken snack with an appropriately shaped biscuit.

While I did enjoy the idea of the shape, it did lose it's fun after a while. In about five minutes I found myself not really caring about the shape of these and just chomping them down as I was watching tv. I also found that after about twenty of these biscuits my mouth did start to heat up a bit. While they're not spicy at first, they do bring a bit of background heat that eventually gets pretty warm for a spice wimp like myself.