Baton "Branco"


I have to be honest, I completely misread this candy right off the bat. When I saw this tight yellow roll, I assumed that it was some kind of hard candy, similar to Lifesavers or Certs. Then I opened it up and I was presented with a mysterious long stick of white stuff. It looked like a candy or some kind of long chewy candy. I immediately re-rolled the candy and put it back in my drawer. I had to give myself some time to think about this candy, see if I could figure it out in my head. I was frankly shocked by what I unwrapped.

A few days later I was talking to my friend Dan, who happened to live in South America for a while, and it dawned on me to ask him about this treat. He recognized it instantly, and told me it was a stick of chocolate. He told me it was made by Garoto (a brand I’ve sampled before), and said it was pretty good. Here’s the thing, had I not freaked out about this treat in the first place, I might have figured this out. First of all it’s called “Baton”, which I know in French means “stick”, so the fact that it was one long piece shouldn’t have shocked me so much. I’ve also sampled Garoto chocolate in the past, so had I looked at the label a little closer, I would have figured that out too. Basically this candy shocked me so much that I wasn’t able to figure out some pretty obvious clues.

As far as the chocolate goes, it’s OK. It’s nothing spectacular, but that’s not surprising since I’m not a huge fan of white chocolate anyways. It’s a little dry so it crumbles when you bite into it instead of melting instantly in my mouth. I’m not sure why getting chocolate in a round stick form is better than a bar, but I will say it’s unique. I guess it’s worth trying just to say that you tried it, but it’s not worth seeking out. If you do get one, don’t be afraid of it when you open the package.