Here’s a fun idea, why not cross a peanut with a pea? Why not make a treat with the texture of a crunchy-coated peanut, but give it a slight salty edamame flavour? For those unfamiliar, edamame is a Japans bean dish that’s often served as an appetizer. So why wouldn’t this fun new concept work? Well because it’s not a new fun idea, it’s an old Japanese snack food idea already in existence, and if you decided to do this you’d just be ripping them off.

Sure, each one of these Memegashi looks a little different on the outside, some are green, some are white, and some have little green dashes, but each one pretty much just tastes like a peanut with a crunchy pea flavoured coating. Don’t get me wrong, I did like these a lot. The texture is nice and crunchy, very satisfying to bite down on. The flavour is subtle, and although it’s a little different than what might expect, it’s still pretty tasty. I guess I was just disappointed a little that each colour and design of Memegashi didn’t have a unique flavour. It makes for a good visual, but a less exciting flavour.

I could seriously see these becoming a part of my regular snacking lineup. The question now is how can I get more outside of Japan.