Beanermunky Assorted Chocolates


Normally when I get a box of mixed chocolates, I pick only one of the chocolates to review. I find that it's too difficult to review a whole box of chocolates because there are some chocolates that are great, and some that are not so great. It's very rare for me to get a boxed of mixed chocolates where each and every one of them is equal. As it turns out, the folks at Beanermunky have created just such a box.

The good thing for me, and for Beanermunky is that not only are these equal, but they're all really tasty as well. Honestly not every single chocolate was my favourite, but the quality of each was equal. The chocolate on every one was smooth and tasty, the fillings were all well balanced with the chocolate, and they all looked fantastic. The variation in fillings was actually nice as well, some fillings were fairly creative, and some were traditional classics. The most important thing is that each chocolate balanced just right with their filling.

If I were offered a full box of only one of these chocolates, I would probably request the apple caramel chocolate. It was unique, tasty, and it was one of the few times that I've really enjoyed apple and caramel together in a candy. Most of the time candy companies use fake apple with their caramel, but in this case, it was real apple and it was in perfect balance with the caramel. My least favorite chocolates were all of the coffee chocolates, but not because they were particularly bad, I'm just not a big fan of coffee. I'm sure any coffee fan would have enjoyed these more than me.

The great thing about this variety is that it offers something for just about everybody. Even the fruit chocolates that I don't normally like because the fruit flavour is often overpowering were really good. You could tell that there's great effort put into these chocolates because of the use of real ingredients (and not just flavours), as well as the attention to detail when it comes to balancing these flavours with the chocolate.