Oh joyous day! Here I am with a candy staring back at me, and I have no idea what's in store. Having unwrapped it I can see that there's chocolate involved. The packaged seems to be highly decorated with flowers, that could mean nothing, but it could be a sign. Since I can't decipher any of the text on this thing, I have no other clues as to what's in store for my taste buds.

After taking the first bite, I'm still not sure what going on either. It's like biting into a giant piece of fruity chalk. The chocolate is so thin that it's fairly irrelevant to the taste or texture of this treat. The chocolate serves more as a way to deceive those of us that have no idea what to expect. The centre, where the real mystery lies, is a white hard substance. Like chalk surrounding a pinkish like substance, with a similar texture to the white.

The flavour is a little fruity, and maybe a little perfumy too, it also has a slight licorice aftertaste. I can't see myself eating a lot of these in a row, or even eating a larger bar of this, it wasn't horrible, but it also wasn't that great.