Au'some Fruit Nuggets "Blueberry"

Florida's Natural

I don't normally comment on packages because I'm a firm believer in that whole “book cover thing”, however with this bag I have to say something. First of all, I'm not really sure that they're putting enough information on the outside of the package in as many fonts as possible (written sarcastically). Secondly those blueberries on the front are totally terrifying and make me afraid to even visit Florida, let alone enjoy a treat from there. I guess I should just get to the treat then.

These little nuggets can best be described as tiny little busted pieces of jellybean. The texture is a little strange since the squishy centre too hard coating ratio is a little skewed. I think they might work a little better if they made them a little bigger and made the hard coating a little thinner.

The flavour on the other hand was really good. It certainly did taste like real blueberries and that's a nice change from many other blueberry flavours that you often find in blueberry candies. Even if they're trying to be authentic I often find that blueberry flavour is over saturated with sour flavour and that's just not right. A good blueberry is way sweeter than sour. If I’m eating a sour blueberry, I would call it unripe and would not eat any more.

The texture isn’t great, but the flavour is pretty good, the package on the other hand scares the heck out of me.