January 2024






Big In Your Mouth "Grapes"


This might be one of the best portion ideas for candy. I’m not really sure if this is how this candy is normally sold. To be upfront, I got these as a “free” bonus during an amazing Korean barbecue dinner in Seoul. The lady taking care of us was amazing, and the last 30 minutes consisted of us getting as many free things as she felt she could find. It included several small packets with various candies, including these. So I’m not sure if this is how these are normally sold in stores, or if this is some kind of restaurant after dinner treat size.

As a restaurant treat it’s a little weird, because these are basically just popping candy. They’re grape flavoured and that flavour is super intense. I wouldn’t say that it’s a realistic grape either, it’s the classic fake grape flavour similar to what you get with powdered drink mixes. I personally love this fake flavour, but I’m under no delusion that it tastes like real grapes. That’s why this was a little odd, since this was not a cheap restaurant, it was actually pretty fancy, but for some reason the candy they handed out was actually kind of fun.

The reason this might be one of the best portion ideas for a candy is because it’s kind of fun to get a shot of grape popping candy. Most of the time popping candy (like Pop Rocks) come in fairly small envelopes, but there are most certainly a few mouth fulls in each envelope. This is truly just one shot of intense flavoured grape popping candy. It’s a fun quick blast that doesn’t leave you having to carry an open envelope of tiny popping rocks in your pocket. As an adult I feel it’s a discreet way to enjoy a mouth full of popping candy at a classy restaurant.

These are not only tasty, but their small size almost makes them a little more grown up. While I’m sure kids would enjoy them, I feel like adults who want to be kids again for just a few minutes would like them too.