Bigga "Vanilla Milk Flavour"

Big One

When I first set eyes on this treat, I was both confused and very interested. I was confused by the words under the word "Bigga", which states that these are "American Style". I don't think I've ever seen anything called "Bigga" in the United States, or seen any kind of snack like this either. I wasn't really sure what was so American about these. My best guess once I tried these was the basis of this treat, which is something like a cheese puff or cheesie, but without the cheese.

While I was confused with the words "American Style" I was really happy with the flavour "Vanilla Milk Flavour" (it's also worth noting that if you're going to make a snack American style you should probably spell flavour in the American style as well). I've had plenty of puff type snacks in my day, most of them being cheese, and a few in other savory flavours like sour cream and onion. This was to be the first time that I've ever had these in a sweet flavour instead of savory. This is what really got me excited. I couldn't think of any reason why this style of snack couldn't work with a sweet flavour, and I was fairly sure this was going to be interesting at the very least.

Fortunately, it was interesting. The sweet flavour worked very well with the light airy puffs. I even enjoyed the shape of the puffs, as they gave it a pleasant texture. It seems like they went for a shape that would give it maximum crunch over aesthetics, which is OK in my book. My only complaint about these is the vanilla flavour, it could have been much stronger. The sweet and milky flavour was fine, but a little more vanilla would have made this treat so much better. Vanilla is a tricky flavour to pull off and these just missed the mark.

I love how this treat took a creative idea that I'd never thought of and made it work fairly well. It could use a little fine tuning, but I was not disappointed at all. I'm still a little confused about the words “American Style”, but I guess that just leaves a little mystery in it for me.